Sunday, June 20, 2010


What a crackin' race! Thrilling to the end with it only decided in the second to last corner right in front of our stand. Fantastic.

And here's me:

Mick and Liv


Well that was a buzz! Shame about Casey's start but he redeemed himself somewhat. Nice ride for Spies, shame that Hayden missed the podium as a result. And Lorenzo takes a win that looks like it could be a preview of the championship result. All around a great race.

Next, 125's!

Mick and Liv


The grid is set...7 minutes to go!!

Mick and Liv

MotoGP warm up

Go Casey!

Mick and Liv

Silverstone. Day Three

Race day! The view from our stand:

Moto2 warmup just closing. The noise! Sheesh! Last corner before the straight and they are on the throttle, and don't our ears know it!!

Mick and Liv

Silverstone. Day Two

Another great day at the track but very cold!

We made our way around the whole track over the course of the day just to check it all out. It's a HUGE circuit so that was a lot of walking!

Mick and Liv

Friday, June 18, 2010

Silverstone. Day one

The MotoGP weekend begins! Had good weather for the trip up and for motogp practice session:

Of course its kind of hard to make out anything in these photos, but at least it proves we are here!

And then just as that session came to a close, down came the drizzle just in time for Moto2 practice:

Gotta go; I'm missing the show!

Mick and Liv

Thursday, June 17, 2010