Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week four

Another great week in the uk. Here's a pic of our current abode:

We move out of this place and into our permanent place on Wednesday. Woohoo!

So after a week of rain, here is what greeted me on my drive home from work on Friday evening:

This morning we drove way over the other side of London to pick up our tv for the best price we could find. A long drive, but we rewarded ourselves with a train trip into Reading for lunch. This place is great. The river runs right through town, at high speed after rain it would seem!

I expect many more lazy Sunday afternoons spent here considering the number of restaurants along the river! Nice!

Mick and Liv

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hey folks

We had a great weekend with Tone and Bec last weekend. Windsor castle on Saturday and then into London to look around on Sunday. We had a few hours just walking around seeing the sites which was great.

Here's team Dean at Windsor castle.

Hopefully we will see them again this weekend.

So our house is all sorted but we can't move in until the 3rd of March. In the meantime we've had to move apartments so we find ourselves in new surrounds today. We are now in Bracknell which is fine, but the apartment this time is huge! We've got 2 bedrooms and a lounge room! All for the same price as our previous one bedroom! So, not as convenient location, but nice and roomy!


Mick and Liv

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The new wheels

So here's our new ride, complete with a dusting of snow this morning!

House hunting went well today, with one place in particular very nice. It's a lot further out of town but is so much newer than all the others we've looked at so we are going to apply tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Mick and Liv

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow and car and snow

Hey folks,

Well, having complained that car and house hunting was going slow yesterday, everything has now turned around! We are now the proud owners of a 1999 Ford Focus! The car is in great condition, and has 100k miles on the clock. Picked it up for 1690 pounds! Woohoo!

Unfortunately I didn't get any photos before it got dark this evening, and as its parked out the back of the apartment where there's very little light, I can't publish any photos tonight. But I'll do that tomorrow so you can all see our new ride.

And tomorrow we are off to look at 3 houses! All have some really good points - the most expensive is right in the town centre but is only 2 bedroom, the other two are a bit further out but are a bit cheaper. One has an application already, and another not immediately available, but it's a relief to have a few options coming up anyway!

So, more posts to come soon - car pics and, hopefully, house pics! Oh, and we had more snow today - on and off all day!

Life is grand!

Love to all,

Mick and Liv

Monday, February 8, 2010

Week one

Hey everyone!

So, the news so far. House hunting is going slow. Car hunting is going even slower. Now the interesting stuff. The locals are wonderful. The town is lovely. And today it started snowing again!

Here's a shot from the office window. Unfortunately you can't really see it in this photo and it was too warm for it to settle.

But it's just started again tonight and I think now it might start to cover things! Woohoo!

That's the view from our front door and just to show it in a bit more detail, here's a shot looking into the light.

Hmmm, still hard to make out, but it's there!

More updates to follow soon when we find a house....and car....hopefully!

Mick and Liv

Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome back!

Hello everyone!

Well, we made it. The flight over was pretty good, and pickup from the airport went smoothly - Derek arrived just as we walked out of the arrival area.

So we came over to Wokingham about lunch time yesterday. It's such a nice town. After settling in to our little studio apartment we headed out to explore the town (and try to stay awake to fight the jetlag). We tried a few pubs and got lucky on our third stop. Suspect that will become our local. Here are a few shots of the centre of town.

And this is the town hall - couldn't quite fit it all in the photo, but you get the idea...

Then, when we woke this morning, here was what greeted us at our front door:

Woohoo! Snow!

Anyway my first day in the office was good. So much to organise at the moment, so apologies if further updates are slow to arrive.

Love to all,
Mick and Liv