Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome back!

Hello everyone!

Well, we made it. The flight over was pretty good, and pickup from the airport went smoothly - Derek arrived just as we walked out of the arrival area.

So we came over to Wokingham about lunch time yesterday. It's such a nice town. After settling in to our little studio apartment we headed out to explore the town (and try to stay awake to fight the jetlag). We tried a few pubs and got lucky on our third stop. Suspect that will become our local. Here are a few shots of the centre of town.

And this is the town hall - couldn't quite fit it all in the photo, but you get the idea...

Then, when we woke this morning, here was what greeted us at our front door:

Woohoo! Snow!

Anyway my first day in the office was good. So much to organise at the moment, so apologies if further updates are slow to arrive.

Love to all,
Mick and Liv


  1. Hey guys, glad to hear you are settling in and what a fantastic welcome!

  2. looks fantastic guys!! Good to hear the new "local" has been found to help ease the transition from the Bowlo!!!!

  3. I presume your new local is dog friendly? Soon the whole family can relax at the pub!