Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dogs and house...

Well we now have two Aussie dogs in the heart of Berkshire. They seemed dazed and confused initially but now seem to be settling in. It's so nice to have them here. It now finally feels like we are back to 'normal'....especially as we are now in our own house! Woohoo!

I tried to take a few photos to show it off but it's a little bit difficult. Nevertheless, here is the kitchen:

And here's a shot of the lounge with our snazzy new tv!

Actually thats not a shot of the lounge. That's the corner of the lounge. Hmmm, ok. So you really can't see anything from these. I'll have to take some photos during the day when the light is a bit better.

But, all is well and we are loving the place. Dog photos to follow soon! :-)

Mick and Liv

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  1. hey guys!! Congrats on the dogs arriving and settling in - Was worried the time in the plane would not be pleasant for them...
    And the new pad looks great! Dont know about that TV though - think you might have to leave it with me and grab yourselves a bigger one!!!