Wednesday, May 27, 2009

London - day two

Well we always knew it would happen and it did. We've run out of time to see all the things we wanted to, and of course, spending time here we found more and more we want to see. Oh well. No matter! Another top day. We spent about four hours at London tower today. That was just sensational. I was enjoying it so much I totally forgot to get a shot or two for the blog, but we did get plenty on the normal camera.

The crown jewels were great but it was the buildings themselves that blew us away the most. So much history. Extraordinary. I didn't think I'd be so moved by being in the spot where, for example, Anne Boleyn was executed. The inscription and poem on that memorial was a treat - I wish i'd taken a note of the words on that...

Ok, so after that we moved onto Tower Bridge - again I missed getting photos but that was great too. The machinery that runs, or used to run the bridge, was terrific.

Then, onto Westminster Abbey. Damn. It closed 10 minutes before we got there! Nevermind. We sat outside for a while and just enjoyed the outside of the building. Oh and I did remember to get a photo here!

So we then moved onto Buckingham Palace after getting a little lost, and took a few photos there.

And now we are back at the hotel. I thought I'd take a couple of shots to show what our view is like.

Hmm. Maybe they don't show off the view so well but it's all the iPhone will do! :-)

We are packed and ready for an early morning start at 5am tomorrow! Off to Paris via the Eurostar! Woohoo! Only one down side to today; no really useful box...

Much love to all,
Mick and Liv

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  1. um hello, you didnt take notes on one of the coolest historical places in london!!!! Your letting the side down here mick! Its raining and cold in katoomba, throwa dog a bone!!! :-)