Saturday, May 23, 2009


As I type this it's just after midnight and we are back in Windsor for our last night. Richmond was nice. We didn't see a whole lot, but what we saw we liked a lot. We really just headed toward the river when we arrived and Craig took us along to a great pub on the river, right by the bridge over the Thames. Super busy - it's obviously pretty well to do, and all the pretty young boys and girls were out to impress!

After a couple of sherbets we walked over the bridge to head for the Thai restaurant that Craig had in mind. Here's a couple of pics:

This is the pub that we had just been at (far right):

And here's our wee posse:

Ok, so they are a bit far away to see in this shot, but there are in fact 2 Craig's and 1 Liv there!

Food was great and so was the wine. Trip back was also nice and easy - seems the derailment must be sorted.

So, one more night with our new ghostly friends, and then off to Earls Court! Watch out Ben and Beth! Here we come!

Mick and Liv

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