Friday, May 22, 2009


Hi folks!

I'm not sure why I've titled this post with "TGIF". I've had such a good time working with the guys here; I'm not so chuffed that the week is over.

Nevertheless, from here on in it's the holiday proper!

For those asking, I've taken some shots of the office here. Some office - check this place out:

This place is an old house converted into office space. Oh, and there are some great ghost stories to go with it.

Speaking of ghosts, there's been some very cool, inexplicable things happen in the room we are staying in. Nothing major, but interesting. The watch incident was the best one. Very peculiar. I suppose the house is two or three hundred years old or something, so it's bound to have seen a few interesting things between it's walls.

Anyway, off to Oxford tomorrow. Should be good. Then into Richmond for dinner with Craig. We'll try and post more tomorrow night.

Love to everyone,

Mick and Liv

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  1. Better ask our resident ghost expert mate ;) Enjoy Oxford, have a pint in Morse's pub. See you Sunday!