Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Another good day at work, including a great catch up with Craig from work at a local pub out in the country areas surrounding Windsor. Hmmm, fish pie. Delish.

Tonight Liv and I went to a steak restaurant that was highly recommended. It's situated in the old station building, where the trains still run to, but only to one side. The rest has all been converted to shops, restaurants, etc. Here's a little peek at what I mean:

Food was great, even if I didn't really need all that steak after a big lunch!

Here's a couple of other shots just from the walk back to the hotel after dinner. This first one is looking back at the front of the converted station - I guess the trains used to run right up to near the castle because this is taken from just across the road from the castle walls.

Turning around in the same spot this is looking down the main street:

So, as if we didn't already know that Sydney is pretty much useless when it comes to public transport, Windsor has not just one station with a 40 minute link to London, but two! Riverside, and Central! They are the ends of two seperate lines from the CBD. Amazing. Ah for a government with foresight and the necessary commitment to build useful infrastructure. England, I love you already!

Mick and Liv

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