Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hey folks

We've just returned to our hotel after a great day around Paris. The metro seems pretty good, though of course busy this evening in peak hour. We saw most of what we wanted to, or at least most of what we thought we could in one afternoon!

Unfortunately this is the only shot I took on the phone so it's the only one I can post, but we have many more on the camera. I actually climbed the arc de triumph (is that spelt right?) and got some great photos of the amazing view. Liv didn't feel up to the climb of 284 stairs but she enjoyed watching the crazy drivers on that roundabout... What a bunch of lunatics...

As in London, lots of stuff we would have loved to have had time for but that's the way it goes. We got to the louvre for shots of the building - next time we'll make sure we have three days just for visiting that place.

Out shortly for dinner. Looking forward to meeting up with Mark and Kate tomorrow morning.

Mick and Liv


  1. Great to hear you're enjoying Paris, it's a real treat. Give our love to Mark and Kate, hope you all have a top time in the south and looking forward to Brixam!

  2. Im not seeing any Beret're giving Aussie Backpackers a good name.

    Now go and steal a bar mat from a pub...not that you've prob heard about that, you've been away so long and missing so much!