Tuesday, May 26, 2009

St Paul's with B&B

Had a top day yesterday with Ben and Beth. We started by leaving st paul's station and after making our way around the police cordon and various rather nasty looking splatters of evidence from what must have been a pretty serious disagreement (eek!) we had our spirits lifted (metaphorically, not religiously) at St Paul's cathedral. Wow. What a treat. Words failed me then, and they fail me now. No photos allowed inside (you'll just have to go see it yourself) but here's the gang at the top.

Anyway, after a few hours there we moved on, wandering along the south bank past the eye, then over the bridge to Westminster.

After lunch at a pub (where else? :-) we walked up to trafalgar square, took photos of the gallery then walked to Piccadilly circus.

Here's the gallery:

After that, Regent St up to Oxford circus. Phew! That must have been quite a few miles!

I seem to have managed to describe an entire day's sightseeing in about 23 seconds, but you'll have to bear with me - this typing on an iPhone is fine for the first 40 words, but gets a little tough after that...

Anyway, a top day. Many thanks to B&B for showing us around. It was so good to catch up after 15 months!

So, after a jatz-cracker day, it was topped off with a real find. Check this out...that's right, a really useful box!

I never thought I'd find one!

Currently on the tube for another day of sights, this time starting at the Tower and Tower Bridge. Woohoo!

Mick and Liv

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  1. Mate, it was our pleasure! We'd been looking forward to seeing you guys just as much. But you have to tell me - where do I get that really useful box?