Saturday, May 23, 2009


We had a tiptop day in Oxford today. The train trip up was quick and nice enough. It's been fun just making our way out of where we've been all week, and doing it without a car was an extra bonus.

Oxford was beautiful. We stumbled on the museum completely by accident after peering in the door of a fabulous old building, wondering what it was, and ended up there for a couple of hours.

Then we just wandered the town and along the river.

After a few hours the town ended up really, really busy, what with it being the first day of the long weekend. So we decided to head back to Windsor, just in time as it turns out. We are heading into Richmond for dinner, and as there was a derailment on the line last night we had to get a bus part of the way. Anyway, we've conquered that challenge, and as I type this we are now on the train for the last part of the trip...

That's all folks! Time to jump off the train and meet up with Craig and Craig!

Mick and Liv

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