Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A busy weekend!

It's been a busy weekend which is why there's been no posts, but we've been having such a good time. Thursday we started by visiting Stourton Gardens which were really nice. Just like the photos I'd seen from years ago.

That arvo we spent with the relo's which was fun. I hadn't seen Aunt Dolly and Uncle John since I was 8! We would have loved more time with them but unfortunately had to leave after only 4 hours or so.

Arrived Brixham about 7pm or so. The house that we were staying in was great with top views across town.

Friday we spent walking around the town with Mark showing us where he used to live. It was really nice to see these places having known Mark for so long. The views walking around the headland were amazing. So beautiful. We stopped at a swanky hotel for a drink after our long walk.

Tough life hey?

Saturday we went to Port Isaac after first calling in at Widecombe which was a lovely little village where wild horses roam around right in town!

Port Isaac was beautiful, just like in Doc Martin! We couldn't find as many of the buildings from the show as we'd hoped but did see the doc's surgery! Lunch was nice with another rather nice view:

Sunday was a lazy day; oysters on the pier and a swim in the freezing cold waters of the Atlantic! Sheesh! Freezing! But at least I finally swam on this holiday!

As I type this we are back in London getting ready to head to restaurant Fifteen with the gang. Then tomorrow it's back on the train for Brussels!

Mick and Liv

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