Monday, June 8, 2009

We made it, Dad!

We found it!

And what a house!

We started the day at Colchester castle which was great, and then went onto Moyns Park as the photos above show! Then we found the town where Dad went to primary school:

(excuse my ugly mug obscuring that photo!)

It was great to see these places that I've heard Dad talk about over the years. Now I can relate a little bit more!

So after that we legged it to York. About 3 hours up the freeway. We found a great little guesthouse (thanks Lonely Planet guide!) and have now ventured into town and found a great pub in which to watch the cricket. Come on Aussies! The pub is right by the river - a beautiful spot. Oh, and we walked past what is left of York castle on our way here.

Tomorrow, York minster, then northwards for Hadrian's wall!

Mick and Liv

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