Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hey folks!

No photos today. I forgot to take any. We made our way to Inverness, only to find that Rock Ness, a music festival is on! Doh! A great line up so I wish we'd known in advance... I would have bought tickets! The Prodigy, Basement Jaxx, The Flaming Lips and others. The town is crazy busy, with kids arriving with all their camping gear. They're going to have a fun weekend me thinks.

We went to Dalmore distillery to try some scoth, then the Culloden Battlefields. I'll have to research that a bit more. I felt a bit ignorant walking around there and we already have so many souvenir guide books so we didn't buy one that I could have referred to. I'm kind of regretting that. Might go grab one on the way out tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, off to Loch Ness and then a ruined castle (forget the name at this moment) before a squizz at Ben Nevis, then legging it down to Carlisle. We are fast running out of time so need to head south.

Oh, I said no photos today but as I'm typing this at a pub, our entrée arrived and now I have something to share. I've heard of your soup coming with a bread roll, but IN a bread roll?

Haha! That's classic.

My chicken Rob Roy is on the way. That's chicken breast stuffed with haggis! Woohoo! I had to try it before we left Scotland...

Mick and Liv

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