Thursday, June 4, 2009


Hey folks!

We dropped Mark and Kate off at Montpellier airport this morning on our way from Aigues-Vives to Dijon. We left at about 9 and arrived here at about 3:30 - which makes it sound like a much longer journey than it was. We spent at least 30 minutes being lost here in Dijon too which was hilarious! Anyway it was all worth it; our hotel is a gem, and we went out for a drink and then dinner which was great.

The town here is a uni town, so all the people are young and beautiful. It's a really lovely city, with narrow streets and a lovely palace. Here's a few shots of our drink and dinner venues:

And here's my beautiful wifey:

Thats all folks! Tomorrow it's Reims, the capital of Champagne!

Mick and Liv

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  1. Woo! Its just like travelling the early map of railroad tycoon!