Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Railway and on to Burford

So we made it to the railway, and what a treat that was! Only 12 miles long but it took an hour each way. Nice and slow. Perhaps the most relaxing thing we've done for ages! We rode it to the top of the Vale of Rheidol, walked to the devils bridge (where three bridges are built on top of each other, the first in the 1100's, the second in the 1700's and the last in 1901) and then caught the train back down. We rode in the open carriage and it was brilliant.

Here's the little engine that could.

The Prince of Wales! How appropriate!

After that we drove to Burford. We've made the Cotswalds!

Tomorrow it's Avebury Circle, the Uffington Horse, and the 'Henge's! Woohoo!

Mick and Liv

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