Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The White Horse, Avebury, The Henges

We saw some great sights today, and much less driving, so was a good day. The title of this post shows where we went.

Obviously it's hard to make out the horse in the photo but at least it shows we were there! Avebury was brilliant.

We then stopped at woodhenge which we only knew about thanks to our trusty, now well worn, driving atlas. All the wooden posts are gone now, but replaced with concrete stumps to show the layout.

And then on to Stonehenge. As expected, it was really busy, so we decided not to pay to get inside, and instead peered through the fence - which turned out great! The photos we got worked out brilliant, and we saved 13.20 pounds! Haha!

The photos on the camera are of course much better than this one. Anyway, we felt like we scored one: you get charged for just about everything here (they wanted 3.50 each just to walk and see a waterfall yesterday, and don't get me started on the parking fees everywhere!) so Stonehenge was our little win.

Now in Wells, at another fine pub for dinner!

Bath and Cheddar tomorrow then another night here before on to see the relo's, and then meet the gang in Brixham! Woohoo!

Mick and Liv

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