Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Villa - Days 3&4

We had a brilliant day on Sunday. We'd decided to have a lazy food day, so went into narbonne to get supplies. By chance we stumbled on the town market, and I've never seen such an array of fresh food. It was utterly brilliant. Seafood, meat, fruit and veg, pastries, bread and on and on the list goes. We spent next to no money, and ended up with a feast. We returned to the villa and ate all afternoon.

Yesterday was unfortunately not such a good day. We had already planned to drive to Barcelona and so we set off just after 8. We arrived at around 11, to find the entire city closed. So with nowhere open to buy a map, we parked in a random location just to get out and walk and try and find coffee and then tapas. What a joke. After possibly the worst coffee I've ever had that we found in one of the few places with it's doors open, and with it looking clear that there was nowhere suitable for lunch, or at least not that we could find, we decided to abandon Spain and try our luck in Perpignan north of the border.

And guess what? Exactly the same thing happened there! We spent the entire day and a tank of fuel, chasing a spot for lunch that was never to be found.

Turns out yesterday was a public holiday for just about every country in Europe. Just our luck. We squeeze another country into our journey on the one day that the entire continent stays home!

Ah well. That's life on the road! :-)

Today, a picnic on the canal. Then only one day and we leave for Dijon!

Mick and Liv

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