Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Carcassonne and Chau de Queribus

Well, what a day. Carcassonne was amazing. We spent an hour or two walking around the city walls and castle and then sat down to an amazing lunch in the village within the walls. The whole area within the walls is kind of a market with tonnes of shops and restaurants. What a treat.

Here's the view of some of the area within the walls, taken from the wall:

And here's the view looking out to the rest of Carcassonne - or part of it anyway:

After that we went for a drive to some other castles perched on top of mountains that I'd read about, and though it took much longer to get there than we had expected thanks to the twisty roads, it was worth it. It was so much more amazing than I expected. Incredible. We only had time to get to one of them in the end, but it was a great look at some amazing history and crazy workmanship. How they built these things is a bit beyond comprehension...

These photos really don't show just how much of a peak these things are built on, and how precipitous the drop from the walls down the mountain is. But for some more explanation, here's a shot of the view from part way up.

So after checking this out we headed back to the villa and then into Narbonne for a late dinner, which was a tasty way to top off a rather tiptop day!

Tomorrow we'll probably stay local. Maybe go and check out the beach. On Monday we are going to try our luck at the border and see if we can get to Barcelona!

Mick and Liv

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  1. Awesome mate! Looks like quite a view from that peak.